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baked in savvy strategy.

THE BRAND TASTE TEST: Is your branding costing you sales?

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A branding and graphic design studio for conscious businesses.

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Hello, I’m Candice.

I believe that your conscious business — the one that’s making an impact in your community — deserves to be seen. Not just seen, but consistently recognised, admired and raved about.

I’m a graphic designer from Melbourne who combines hand-drawn art, business strategy and untiring passion. The outcome? Bold brand identities for businesses that dare to be themselves.

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Here’s how you can work with me.

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The “dip your toe” in

Get clarity and guidance in a two-hour review of your current branding

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The quick and affordable

Create a magnetic brand identity and logo over two intensive days.

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The collaborative deep dive

Comprehensive brand strategy and design (for those thinking big).

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The everything else

Book my brain for the day and tackle all those fiddly design jobs.

Book a free 15 min chat
Candice McGaw Hourigan

Artist, graphic designer, lover of bright pants.

I’m backed by 6 years of experience, a degree in fine arts and a fearless mission: to help conscious businesses who are done playing it safe grow their visibility and impact.

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“Candice has a brain made entirely of magic. She has the perfect balance of creativity and structure. Imagination and logic. Artistry and reason. She created a beautiful, functional website for my copywriting business and delivered on an (almost impossible) brief.”

Sam, Copy Circle

A taste of my branding and design work.

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photo of woman holding up coffee cup with brand by Design Salad
Mockup of hand holding a phone with website and patterned background
Long cosmetics box with pink packaging design on burnt orange background
THE BRAND TASTE TEST: Is your branding costing you sales?

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