I help small businesses better position themselves to maximise profit.

How? With bold branding + websites.

Have you ever thought


“Why isn’t my income consistent?”

“When can I stop working with less-than-ideal clients?”

“I’m confused about the direction my business is going”

“Why don’t people want to pay more for my awesome products?”


These are all business problems that can be solved with branding.


I’m Candice McGaw Hourigan. Graphic designer, artist, lover of bright pants.

Strategic branding works to solve your specific business problems.

With a background in Fine Art Painting, I’ve used my unique combination of drawing, art history, design and strategic skills to help over 100+ businesses get results such as:

  • doubling revenue in a year
  • booking out months in advance for the first time
  • increase max value enquiries from $100k to $300k+
  • and finally charge decent pricing (to name a few!).

If you’re ready for your branding to work for you, let’s chat.

Photo of candice sitting on a couch laughing
Black line painting of a bowl of salad

I don’t have time for green salads here.

They’re predictable, far-too-common and rarely raved about at the end of the night.

I’m about the perfect summer salad: A zesty tang.

Some crunchy surprises.

An array of textures.

This is branding and web design that’ll have your audience begging for the recipe.

A taste of branding + web design work.

“Candice has a brain made entirely of magic. She has the perfect balance of creativity and structure. Imagination and logic. Artistry and reason. She created a beautiful, functional website for my copywriting business and delivered on an (almost impossible) brief.”

Sam, Copy Circle

Ready to create your secret brand recipe?