A moodboard is not a brand strategy

June 14 2022

Some people can cook delicious meals seemingly intuitively. Like my husband (yep he’s a keeper!). He can turn what I see as a bare cupboard into a beautiful meal, including dessert!

Same goes for brands.

There are businesses that can start with a basic logo and colours, and figure the rest out along the way to a successful business.

I actually think most of us could do this if we really wanted to.

Not sure about you, but I’m not here to wait around!

My cooking style is starting with a well-researched RECIPE! The better researched and tailored to my cooking ability and taste preferences, the more likely the dinner will be not only edible, but devoured!

Same goes for brands.


Mood board of bright images

You can 100% trial and error your way to your idea of success.

Or you can work with a brand strategist (hi!) to create a tailored brand strategy document (recipe), that works for your particular situation, values and goals, to fast-track your way to world-changing impact.

You see the whole point of a strategy document is that it’s written in a way you understand, to help you or your employees take action and make decisions.

And then, over 6-12 months of sticking to the strategy, you’ll see your business evolve before your eyes into something like what you wrote on my questionnaire!

How do I know? I’ve been there.

I’ve plugged away, Googling around for help making reactive decisions and learning things in a ‘bits and pieces’ way.

Hundreds of hours have been wasted doing this.

Then I did a comprehensive brand strategy course and took myself through the process when I rebranded. And wow!

Within a week, I was saving time wondering what my audience needed to know next. Saving time posting random stuff on socials and taking aaaages to do it.

When it came to prioritising the precious few hours I have to work ON the business, I was wasting them all.

Now, I simply refer to my brand strategy. It tells me what my audience is going through, what their favourite part of the journey is. It tells me how to combine visuals. What will attract the kind of client I LOVE to serve and who, in turn, relish my particular kind of creativity.

Apart from gaining time, Design Salad is also growing at a pace I’m excited by, and 90% of enquiries are now wonderfully aligned.

And lastly? I can now hand my Brand Strategy to everyone who works on my business so they can easily follow the same direction.

Photo of Candice leaning against a textured white wall in the sunshine and smiling. She has long curly hair and a colourful jacket on.

Candice is the founder of Design Salad, a strategy loving design studio helping climate-consious women business owners shine brighter than ever before.

Design Salad specialises in thoughtful brand strategy and unique brand identities infused with artistry. 

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