Goodbye Paige Digital, hello Design Salad

May 12 2022

Design Salad is officially here!

It’s been 6 years of learning, practising and refining under the name Paige Digital. Now, Design Salad is born of a long vision, rooted in purpose, and ready to celebrate my differences.

I’m already a little nostalgic for the Paige Digital icon, she was a cutie.

It all started in 2016 with a strong sense of the lifestyle I wanted to create – remote work, choosing my hours and parenting-friendly, and a readiness to learn every lesson possible along the way.

Little did I know how many lessons would be thrown at me!

But the journey so far has been worth every bit of sleep lost, late night worked and challenge.

If you’re on the email list or have been following on Instagram, you will have seen the whole rebrand process, from deciding on a new business name, working through the brand strategy, confidence hurdles and finally, the brand design.



Photo of Candice holding an open book up and peeking over the top
Photo of Candice leaning against a textured white wall in the sunshine and smiling. She has long curly hair and a colourful jacket on.

Candice is the founder of Design Salad, a rebellious design studio helping climate-consious women business owners shine brighter than ever before.

Design Salad specialises in thoughtful brand strategy and unique brand identities infused with artistry. 

If you’re thinking about whether rebranding is right for you…