How great branding makes running a small business easier

February 12 2020

The idea of branding as opposed to a logo can seem like a ‘nice-to-have’ for small businesses. I’m all for DIY where possible-I even cut my own hair till recently.

But some things deliver way beyond expectations. Like quality linen sheets. A decent outlay, then years of sweet slumbering.

An ill-fitting brand feels a bit uncomfortable, like cheap sheets. Not hugely noticeable, just not the same as the gorgeous Airbnb you stayed in recently. Then you finally decide to upgrade and…wow! It’s an actual luxury hopping into your own bed each night. Plus sleep is more attainable (depending on the number and age of any children!).

How does this relate to getting professional branding? When you have a beautiful brand that fits perfectly, everything else in your small business falls into place more quickly and easily.

Allow me to show you how:


A great brand design immediately conncts with your ideal audience.

We look for meaning to validate our choices, to feel understood, to make sense of the world and even when making decisions like which brand of coffee/clothing/all products and services, to spend money on.

I care about the environment and love bright and happy aesthetics. This means that sustainability is always a factor when making spending decisions. AND the faster and more beautifully a brand can tickle these two sweet spots, the easier it is for me to part with my cash.


With consistency at every touch point, your target audience will trust that you and your products do what you say they will⁠.

Familiarity is the mechanism for how great branding works, called the mere-exposure effect. It’s so consistent that eventually your customers will recognise you by one colour, one word, or the styling in a photo. 

Every time your customer comes into contact with your brand (Instagram, packaging, uniforms, business card, phone chats), is an opportunity to BUILD FAMILIARITY. And the stronger and more consistent the branding, the faster they will love you.


Everything becomes easier because your brand is working FOR you.

You don’t have to work as hard to convince people of anything. Your strong and consistent brands does the work of building trust that you keep your promises.

So you can use the extra time to create more products/services, and engaging rather than convicing.

Plus, you have a Brand Guide to help work out where to use which logo/colours/fonts on marketing and socials⁠.


More $$$ in the bank when people LOVE the aesthetic experience of your business so much they keep coming back!⁠

It’s true. A great experience is worth it. That’s why we pay extra for coffee at the ‘nice’ cafe because the takeaway cups are beautifully designed.

We feel lifted and happier to carry or experience something special.

That is part of the branding strategy. People will love you with their dollars to feel connected to a brand that adds the extra cherry on top in the form of a consistent, reliable and relatable experience.

The brand fits so perfectly, that it feels natural and exciting to keep sharing what you’re doing⁠

We can all relate to being reluctant to share about our business with everyone we know. It’s hard to put yourself out there. Many new business owners DIY their first logo, but if you’re not a designer you always have that little critical voice that tells you it’s not quite right.

Did you know, even some designers outsource their own logos?! It’s that hard to be objective about your own business.

But when you invest in a professional who gets to know you and see you the way you want your audience to, you end up with a perfect match. A brand that straddles the line between being perfectly you, AND perfect for your customer, you just want to show it off. Repeatedly!

Photo of Candice leaning against a textured white wall in the sunshine and smiling. She has long curly hair and a colourful jacket on.

Candice is the founder of Design Salad, a strategy loving design studio helping climate-consious women business owners shine brighter than ever before.

Design Salad specialises in thoughtful brand strategy and unique brand identities infused with artistry. 

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