Design Saviour Day

A graphic designer day rate.

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A dedicated day to tackle those graphic design tasks that desperately need to be completed. Yesterday, if possible.


Let me take care of them for you, so you can focus on the work you love and are good at!
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What sorts of tasks can be done in a designer day rate?

  • Branded business document suite
  • Social media templates
  • On-site art direction
  • Document design and layout
  • Web design for existing websites
  • Custom patterns
  • Signage design
  • Some new web design projects may use the day rate structure. For example a 4 page Squarespace site in 3 x Design Saviour Days.

What sorts of tasks can be done in a designer day rate?

  • Branded business document suite
  • Social media templates
  • On-site art direction
  • Document design and layout
  • Web design for existing websites
  • Custom patterns
  • Signage design + more!
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Who is the Design Saviour Day for?

  • You’ve been DIY’ing design tasks for your small business but it’s taking too long or they don’t look like your brand
  • You have very specific needs
  • You have an existing logo and brand that you love
  • You are able to send all the project files and logins at least 2 days prior to ensure the success of the project
  • You know what you like/don’t like and can make aesthetic decisions quickly
  • You can be available for 2-3 Zoom feedback calls during the day (the times will be arranged beforehand)

“(Design Salad) made the daunting prospect of creating a brand new website feel effortless, and the process was actually heaps of fun and gave me a lot of confidence! I now feel really proud to be able to say ‘hey this is me, this is what I do and this is what I can do for you’.”

Anita Quayle, musician. Website created in 3 Design Saviour Days.

Here’s how it works


First things first, we’ll get to know each other via a 15-minute discovery call. If we’re the right fit, I’ll send over a proposal, contract, invoice and project questionnaire.

Then, it’s time to knuckle down and work out a realistic and ‘wish list’ version of the deliverables you will receive.

The main Design Saviour Day

Now for the fun part. A dedicated half or full day 1:1 with me, Candice. We will chat at (usually) 11am and 2pm to discuss feedback. By the end of the day you will receive all the files on the deliverables list and a quick video tutorial if needed.

Cherry on top

Once you’ve patted yourself on the back for outsourcing your design to-do list, you may have some questions. I offer 30 days of email support to help with anything related to the day rate tasks.

Your investment

One 6-hour day, 9:30am – 3:30pm

  • In depth pre-homework to collect all the details, content and files needed for the day
  • A list of deliverables and timeline for the day
  • Kickoff Zoom meeting to work out the details
  • 11am 15min Zoom chat to present work for feedback (due within an hour)
  • 2pm 15 Zoom chat to present work for final feedback (due during the call)
  • Recorded videos for any training needed
  • All files delivered (via Google Drive or We Transfer)
  • Final phone call at 3:30 to wrap up
  • 30 days of post-intensive email support

From $1120 + gst


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There’s no such thing as a silly FAQ

I’m a new business, is this a good fit for me?

Yes! If delays are holding your new business back, you will benefit immensely from an efficient designer in your corner to get you launching or growing asap.

How much can you actually fit into a day?

Great question, because I never want the tight timeframe to reflect the quality. In short, a bucket load! In the past I’ve overhauled a website, created social graphics, designed a pdf optin freebie. I always allow a time buffer in case there’s a tech issue or extra revision is needed, and also rarely use it.

What if you don’t get the work done in one day?

This package is defined around my time, so this is a fair concern. Thankfully, 6 years of experience has taught me to work well under pressure and deliver delicious results. But if you need more revisions, we can either alter the deliverables to suit the time left or add on half a Design Saviour Day.

Can I make changes after our day together?

I won’t deliver your work and ghost you (phew). For 30 days after the designer day rate you can email questions about the tasks and I’ll be happy to help. If you need additional design work, you can book another half or full day rate.

How long will I need to wait for your availability?

Each month there are 2-3 designer day rates available. These are usually booked 3-6 weeks ahead, but reach out if you need something sooner as sometimes I can be flexible.