Photo of postcard with logo BOLD content on marble table

Copy Circle

custom web design, illustration + patterns

Sam from Copy Circle is a brilliant and quirky environmental copywriter. As a young but growing business, she had solidified her brand personality, leveled up her services and at last needed her website to communicate all this clearly.

Together we worked out a creative direction, ensuring the copy was the main focus with everything supporting it.

I created a custom WordPress website complete with hand drawn illustrations to lead the audience on a journey through Copy Circle’s offerings.

We also collaborated with Sally Goodall for photography. 

Mockup of a phone in a hand with patterned background
Mockup of a phone in a hand with patterned background

“Candice from Design Salad has a brain made entirely of magic. She has the perfect balance of creativity and structure. Imagination and logic. Artistry and reason.”


 She created a beautiful, functional website for my copywriting business and delivered on an (almost impossible) brief.

Most of all? Candice is an absolute ray of sunshine to have on your team. She treats your project as if it were her own – from hand-drawn icons to all the teeny tiny details. She gives you space to word dump your thoughts, then her brain ticks over with her incredible ideas!

Thank you, Candice!” – Sam Rankin, Copy Circle