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Mini Hippo

Brand Strategy, Branding, web design + art direction

Pioneering children’s lunch gear e-commerce company Mini Hippo had grown out of its original branding and website after 10 years. 

We started by surveying existing customers, conducting thorough competition research and a long-lunch strategy session. From here I came up with a comprehensive brand strategy to clarify the brand story and guide the brand updates.

Once the branding was complete we extended the brand differentiation into an art directed photoshoot with custom made props. 

And finally, we designed a new website to bring the new brand vision to life.

Photography: Janis House

Mini Hippo logo with pink Yumbox lunchbox
Mini Hippo monogram
Mini Hippo secondary logo
Mini Hippo kids plate and bowl with yoghurt
Mini Hippo prezel lunch bag gif
Mini Hippo drink boxes gif
Mini Hippo iPhone in Hand Mockup