How you can work with me.

Bite-sized branding

A quick and affordable branding option for small businesses. Over two intensive days, we’ll define your brand’s secret sauce and create your unique brand identify and logo. It’s a weeknight dinner timeframe with fine-dining tastebuds.

Brand strategy and design

A collaborative deep dive for established businesses that are thinking bigger. In an entirely tailored package over 4 – 6 weeks, we’ll dive deep into your business strategy and use this to come up with creative solutions, a magnetic brand identity and design collateral.

Branding Review

Not sure whether your branding and design is working for you? In a 2 hour 1:1 call, I’ll review your current branding and discuss whether it aligns with your point of difference and audience. Then, you can move forward and make decisions with greater confidence.

Design saviour day

If you have any design jobs that don’t fit into my neat packages, this one’s for you. Book my brain for the day (6 hours) and tackle those fiddly design jobs you’ve been putting off. The day is entirely customised to your needs and includes follow up support.

THE BRAND TASTE TEST: Is your branding costing you sales?